Question & Answer Section (Bid #, Payment ect.)

Welcome to St. Bartholomew’s 1st Winterfest VIRTUAL Silent Auction!

As with so many activities this year, this is our first attempt and we are still learning, so your patience is appreciated as we grow with technology.  The Silent Auction is open for everyone 18 years and older.  Since emails are dated & timed, we will be using them to validate identity and bids.  Our process has changed to maintain social distancing for the safety of our parishioners, but we hope you still have FUN with the procedures outlined below.


How do I navigate the Silent Auction website?

Our website shows an Item#-Description beside a thumbprint photo which is followed by a Starting Bid amount & Bidder Number area.  If you click on the Description wording, a .pdf file will open to display a larger view of the item and other photo views, as well as item details, Donated by acknowledgements, Starting Bid requirement, Increase Bid By increment, & Buy It Now price.  The photos in the .pdf file having zooming capability that you can utilize to see close-ups.  To return to our listing, click on the “go back” arrow on your device.


Question & Answer Section:


How to obtain a Silent Bidder Number?

Initially, there will be two ways:

First Option-After masses on the weekend of November 7 & 8, bidder forms will be available to complete.  This will be the only weekend scheduled for this option.

Second Option– Send an email indicating your request for a Bidder Number to the Silent Auction coordinator, Sandy Martin; the email is  If you don’t have email, call the Silent Auction coordinator @410-374-9348.

Use “Bidder Number Request” on the Subject line of your email & provide your name, cell/home phone numbers, and your email address.  Several times a day she will check for requests & reply to you with your assigned Silent Bidder Number along with a copy of the general rules.


How to place a Silent Bid for an Item?

At this time, our website does not support outside direct bidding that would automatically update.

Therefore, email your Silent Bids to ; Use “Bid Changes” on the Subject line and include your bidder #, Item#/Description, & your bid.

Example: Bidder #101     Item #1 Horse                    Bid of $40
Item #12 Lacrosse            Bid of $50

Your email will provide the coordinator with date & time to ensure the accuracy of the highest bid submission.

Throughout the day, the coordinator will update the website to reflect the new bids for viewing; you will receive an acknowledgment email when your request has been completed.


All bids must be in “whole dollar” increments.

– If you are the first to start the bidding on an item, you must use an amount that is equal to or greater than the “Starting Bid” designated for that item.  Once your “Starting Bid” has been place, the coordinator will change the wording to reflect “Current Bid” and your Bidder # will be seen beside the item on the website.

-If you are increasing a Current Bid on an item, you must use an amount that is equal to or greater than the “Increase Bid by” increment.

-If you want to pay the BUY IT NOW price shown on the item, indicate that in your email and the coordinator will arrange to get your payment & you must make pick up of the item at the Parish Center within 24 hours.  The Parish Center is located at 3071 Park Avenue, Manchester MD 21102; their normal hours are Monday through Friday 8:30AM-4:30PM and closed for lunch & mail pickup between 12noon-1PM.

Any question, please ask prior to bidding by contacting the Silent Auction coordinator.


When does the Silent Auction bidding start?

It will start on November 8th at noon, but you can request a Bidder Number as early as November 7th.


When does the Silent Auction conclude?

Our Silent Auction will end on November 23 at noon; all bids received prior to noon will be updated on the website.

No bids received after November 23 @12PM will be accepted.

Will there be an opportunity to physically view the items offered through the Silent Auction?

Yes, all items will be on display at the Parish Center Lower Level at specific times on Friday, November 20th through Sunday, November 22nd.  Times will be determined and shown in the church weekly bulletin & under the “Silent Auction” area of our website.

When will winning bidders be notified?

After the Silent Auction website has been updated on November 23rd with the highest bids, the winning bidders will be contacted.   All winning bidders will need to make payment at the time of pickup by either cash or check payable to “St. Bartholomew Catholic Church”.

If you would like to use Parish Giving for payment sign into, click Parish Giving, scroll to the bottom, click on Create or log in to your Parish Giving Account. Once you have logged in or created account, Under LINKS click Make an Instant Payment, Click Parish Collections, then select Virtual Silent Auction, enter Payment Amount and on Memo Line Type Item Number, Name of Item and Bidder # (ex. item #1 Hobby Horse Bidder #9).

Pickups must be made no later than December 1st.  If no payment is received by that date, the next highest bidder will be contacted.

When will items be available for pickup?

Items will be available for pickup as early as November 23rd afternoon at the Parish Center.  Be sure to call 410-239-8881, prior to coming, so that all paperwork/items will be easily accessible.  NOTE: The Parish Center will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday after 12 noon on November 25th and reopening on November 30th.   Items must be picked up on or before December 1st.  The Parish Center is located at 3071 Park Avenue, Manchester MD 21102; their normal hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 AM-4:30 PM and closed for lunch & mail pickup between 12 noon-1 PM.

What is a “Reserve”?

Common to auctions, a reserve price is a minimum amount that a seller will accept as a winning bid.  The reserve price prevents a bidder who offers a price lower than what the owner will accept from winning the auction.

(Note: This designation may appear on an item.)

Be sure to scroll to the end of our listing so you don’t miss out on all the wonderful offerings we have this year.

A BIG THANK YOU to all our donors and bidders this year!