Congratulations on your choice to celebrate one of the greatest gifts you can share with another person: the gift of Faith.
In order to begin the preparations for the baptism, please read and complete the forms below and contact Lisa Utz at the parish office ( Baptisms will not be scheduled until all forms have been completed and returned, and class has been fulfilled. 

**Please note: By canon law, you must be a registered member of St. Bartholomew’s in order for us to celebrate a baptism. If you are not currently an active and registered member, please take a moment to do so.  REGISTRATION-FORM-

If you currently belong to another parish, but are requesting to have your baptism take place at St. Bartholomew’s,  a letter of permission from your current parish is required. You can obtain this permission by contacting the parish office of your current parish.

Parents are required to attend a preparation class held on the first Sunday of each month at the Parish Center at 12PM. The classes may be attended before the child is born. Please contact Lisa Utz at the Parish Center 410-239-8881 for registration information and scheduling. 

Guidelines for Baptism

Baptism Registration Form

Sponsor Certificate of Eligibility Form