Rosary Guild

St. Bartholomew Rosary Guild

Founded February 25, 1997, our group has sent more than 29,958 rosaries to the missions. We meet on the 1st Tuesday of the month in September, October, February, March, April and May.

Spacer, cord and wire rosaries are made at home and turned in monthly at the meetings, then sent to the missions, such as hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, missionaries, as well as our military and any other mission where the need exists. Sometimes we supply CCD classes with rosaries. We have also gone to the classrooms to teach the children how to make them in class if asked to do so.

We furnish all the needed materials to make the rosaries. When you join, the guild pays your yearly dues (currently $2.00) to Our Lady’s Rosary makers in Kentucky, which is where we purchase our mission supplies very reasonably. Also available from them are the more expensive supplies that we use to make our sale rosaries. The money received from the rosary sales pay for materials used for the rosaries we send free to the missions.

Making rosaries is a very relaxing hobby while helping others to have the rosary that Our lady has asked us to pray daily for peace.

For more information, call Mary Kelly @ 410-982-5258 or Sandy martin @ 410-374-9348. Members needing supplies, call Mary Kelly.

If school is cancelled due to weather for the day, there is no rosary guild meeting that month.