Family of Faith


VBS 2024 – Registration is closed. Please contact Sadie Peterson at if you intended to register for VBS but missed the deadline. She can evaluate the groups to see if we have enough space for you. Thank you for your understanding. 
We are striving to have online registration this year. It will help us to keep accurate records, have different forms of payment and organize our classes to facilitate smoother communication with our Religious Education Families. Please click on the link below to begin registration.
Thank you for registering your children for next year. Paying with a credit card or electronic payment is self-explanatory, but if you prefer to pay with cash, check, pay part, pay later or want to use the Lynn and Theresa fund, please fill out the registration online and submit. You can X out of the payment page and we will be notified of a pending registration. We will then contact you and arrange for the payment or discount.
Here is the list of what classes we offer.
Traditional Sunday School:
Sundays (Starting September 15th) – 8:45 am – 10:00 am
Mondays (Starting September 16th) – 5:00 pm – 6:15 pm
Family of Faith:
The fourth Thursday every month – 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm (exact schedule will be put out this summer.)
      Confirmation prep:
      Sundays – Noon – 2 pm for 7 weeks in the Fall and 7 weeks in the Winter
Reminder – Students who are to receive sacraments in the coming years (First Communion and Confirmation) must fulfill the prerequisite of attending (Traditional or Family of Faith) the year before the Sacramental year.
*Only the asterisk questions on the registration need to be filled out for registration.
May God bless us and the Holy Spirit guide us through this process all in Jesus’ Name.

The below information is from 2023 – 2024 school year. We will be updating the Family of Faith schedule over the summer. 



The family is, so to speak, the domestic church
-Vatican II: Lumen gentium, paragraph 11


Our topic in Family of Faith this year is the Life of Christ


Our Calendar of Events 2023-2024


What’s coming up:

Parent Meeting: Thursday, September 28th from 7 – 8:30pm


Family Hike and S’mores, Sunday October 1st 2:30-4:30 pm

Location: Charlotte’s Quest



Saint Resources for September 




What does our program look like?


What is Family of Faith?

  •  a family catechesis (pronounced kat-eh-kee-sis) program at St. Bartholomew Catholic Church.
  • an alternative to traditional CCD where the parents meet monthly to learn more about and explore their faith.
  • where parents transmit the faith to their children at home with the resources provided.
  • an emphasis on building community within the church through community gatherings outside of the liturgy.

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